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Bestelcode DPN-14
Componist Albéniz Isaac
Arrangeur Pagán Michael
Divisie 2e
Podium Mars Solist
Aantal Stemmen 2
Tijdsduur 05' 30''
Muziekvorm Concert
Repertorium Nee
Soort Origineel
Genre Concert & Contest
Instrumenten Vibraphone | Piano
Geluidsopname Play MP3

Originally from the set of solo piano pieces Chants d’Espagne and dedicated to Enrique Morera, Córdoba, a city in the Andalusia region of southern Spain, was written by one of the master composers of that country, Isaac Albéniz (1860-1909) and represents Spanish nationalistic music of the late 19th-early 20th century in all of its grandeur and beauty. The rich content, in substantive and dramatic aspects, as well as changes of mood and tempo, readily lends itself to the duo setting of vibraphone and piano.The somber tolling of bells which introduce the piece are followed by chant-like passages in the Dorian mode, evoking ancient reverence and prayerful feeling, before giving way to the dance-like tempo of the main theme. In measure 137, the vibraphone part contains a rising fourth, which, with a rumbling, suspenseful piano accompaniment, depicts the sound of a distant bugle, perhaps a battle call, and is marked (tromba).Earlier editions of this work contain the following inscription in the first page of the score, which may be considered for inspiration as well as interpretation:En el silencio de la noche, que interrumpe el sussurro de las brisas aromadas por los jasmines, suenan las guzlas acompañando las Serenatas y difundiendo en la aire melodias ardientes y notas tan dulces como los balanceos de las palmas en los altos cielos.