Galapagos, the Revealed Truth

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Tags: History

Bestelcode DPI-20
Componist Passeggi Carlos
Divisie 2e
Podium Mars Mars + Podium
Aantal Stemmen 18
Tijdsduur 08' 30''
Muziekvorm Concert
Repertorium Nee
Soort Origineel
Genre Concert & Contest
Instrumenten Bassdrum - Bongo's - Rhythm instruments - Effect instruments - Djembe - Floortom - Toms - Glockenspiel - Tub.bells - Vibraphone - Marimba - Marimba - Snaredrum - Drumset - Timpani - Xylophone - Gong - Cymbal
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This piece is inspired in how the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador`s islands in the Pacific Ocean) influenced Charles Darwin to develop his theory of evolution, written in "The Origin of Species". 

Before Charles Darwin's travels, the Galapagos Islands were described in maps and books as "Hell and Paradise on Earth", because of the many volcanoes, forests, jungles, deserts, strange creatures, storms, etc. So this lonely place, lost in the ocean, very far from the "European Civilization", full of mystery, gives us (to all humanity) some "trustfully" answers to understand our evolution.

When setting off from England in 1831 for a five-year voyage, Darwin had little ambitions for groundbreaking scientific research. After surveying the coasts of South America, the ship stopped over in the Galapagos Islands. (The ship made many stops in Argentina`s coast too, before Galapagos)

During his visit to the islands, Darwin noted that the unique creatures were similar from island to island, but perfectly adapted to their environments which led him to ponder the origin of the islands' inhabitants.

Years later in 1859, Darwin finally consolidated all of his observations into his famous book On The Origin of Species, drastically and controversially altering the scientific view on the biological origins of life.