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Bestelcode DPN-04
Componist Bach J.S.
Arrangeur Pagán M
Divisie 3e
Podium Mars Solist
Aantal Stemmen 2
Tijdsduur 03' 00''
Repertorium Nee
Soort Arrangement
Genre Classical arrangements
Instrumenten Piano | Vibraphone
Geluidsopname Play MP3

Adagio is the middle movement of Bach's keyboard Toccata in G. It may be considered a vibraphone solo of early-intermediate level with piano accompaniment. Dynamics and articulations must be determined by the performers, as is often the case with compositions from the baroque period. I am very grateful to vibraphonist Doug Walter, with whom I have performed these works many times, for his constant encouragement and marvelous artistry at the vibraphone, and Leon Camp of Dutch Music Partners, who has been the constant driving force behind the publication of these pieces.